Monday, 16 April 2007

Paint Me Colours...

Here's a little preview of a shoot we did, shot by Iekeliene Stange. Her pictures are awesome...

These are untouched...

Just a random selection:

Paint 2

Paint 1

Who knew a black wig, taped boobies and acrylic paint could be such a hit?

More fashion shoots coming up... too much stuff going on.

Everything needs to be finished by the end of April/beginning of May and then the PILOT ISSUE IS SEND TO PRINTERS.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Friday, 23 March 2007

Queens of the Night

Ever repeated a song until you subconsciously knew it by heart? Well that's what Rosanne did Wednesday night. And the burned out song was Queen of the Night.


We love Whitney.

And then we proceded onwards to Pangaea club where we drank dirty Marti... actually white wine (talk about more headaches) and picked up 14 year old Russian boys (who's plays the drums and who we will interview next Friday for an article for Interrupted, that is, if they are any good!)

However besides the partying, there has been some work involved for the magazine. There's obviously been the endless networking, but we managed to get a couple of photographers interested in possibly working with us.

But here are some funny photos to cheer ya'lls up. Oh and we made friends!

Yay, normalish at the moment
Before Pangaea

Smokey eyes


Rosannes young boy fetish (not really though)
Rosanne & Pasha

Lazy gals
Lazing at Pangaea

New friends and old friends
New Friends

So there you have it gang.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Galleries and Martinis

Face of Fashion

Just to keep you up to date on the cultural side of things.

We decided to mingle amongst "civilians" (no really, culture CAN be cool), and pay 6 quid for walking through a two minute gallery that existed of about you know, twelve pictures, by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, Corinne Day, Steven Klein, Paolo Roversi and Mario Sorrenti.


We like Mert & Marcus. Talk about raw chicness.

At one point we decided to take a break and we stumbeled upon a bar cellar known as the DIRTY MARTINI. Yes, those martinis were dirty, and we had a hard time keeping them down. So we steered away from the nail polish removal flavoured martinis and went for the sweet ones... which were... a little more sweet, still dirty though...

Very Dirty
Dirty Martini 8

Holding her breath
Dirty Martini 7

Dirty Martini 4

Hmmmmm almost
Dirty Martini 5

I need a hero...
Dirty Martini 2

No words needed...
Dirty Martini 3

Oh and then we drunkenly sat in and watched a film at the gallery on the fashion industry back in 1993. Those were different times my friends, different times. And when it ended the martinis cheered and we went home to nurse our headaches.

Sex me up, PIN UP

We got our HOLGA film back we are going to see if we can use these pictures for our Front Section, after we do some retouching of course.

Check it out. Soooo cute.

Pin 1

Pin 7

Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent?
Pin 5

Pin 4

Pin 9

Monday, 12 March 2007

Bright Lights, Big City

Lets go back to where we SHOULD have started... this is us:



Nina is from the land of the Swiss cheezers, made from real cocoa and Swiss milk, and ticks like an original Swatch... and her position in the magazine is essentially to write and create content. She's esspecially good in coming up with cute little slogans and pretty little titles...

Rosanne is Dutch. She writes disturbing little stories that make people want to throw up. But not for the magazine. She is the one who makes things look cool.

Ps. Were in London.

And is this one of our oh so famous pancake parties
pancake party

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Introducing... the Kid(t)

After sleepless nights and endless hardship...

the introduction of our MEDIA KIT --->

in our little menu there.

Now you know exactly what we're trying to do here.
We've changed our concept throughout time but now it's time to get started. This is IT. Let's start producing... content. Finally. And we have our FLATPLAN:

Issue 1:
152 pages incl. cover pages.
(only 8 pages of advertising counted in)

Front section World Interrupted: 20 pp
Main section The Frontier: 32 pp
Fashion Interrupted: 62 pp (4 stories)
Back section Out of Sight: 24 pp

Under construction.
In the meantime we are celebrating with nights at Boombox and Café Royal and are sweating our way towards finding talented contributors. Reveal yourselves.

And pictures? Tomorrow.